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SupplySide Sponsored Intensives

SupplySide Sponsored Intensives

Tell your story, discuss innovation and share intelligence on a specific industry trend with the SupplySide Sponsored Intensives. Designed specifically to serve the finished product brand professionals in innovation, marketing and procurement roles, the thematic nature of each intensive offers a chance for those people who are working in specific categories to get an intensive networking experience as well as an abundance of related content.

This series of live webinars will be introduced by a member of the SupplySide Team, setting the stage about the topic and providing relevant trend data. These 20-minute sessions will include a 10-minute live Q&A led by a SupplySide host. Networking will be encouraged before, during and after each Sponsored Intensive!  

The Sponsored Intensives will be held monthly as a scheduled event within the SupplySide Network 365 agenda around a different industry theme. The event will be available to all SupplySide Network 365 members, easily accessible from the sponsor’s company page and the agenda.   

The Sponsored Intensives are limited to six sponsors per monthly event and each sponsor must have a SupplySide Network 365 company page and a minimum of one individual membership to participate.

  • The Sponsored Intensives will be an official button on the homepage
  • The Sponsored Intensives will be listed as an event within the agenda
  • The Sponsored Intensives session details page will highlight all Sponsored Intensive sponsors including company name, logo, link to register for your session and link to your existing company page
    • Be sure to complete your existing company page by adding your:
      • Company name, logo, description and contact information
      • Name, image and detailed description of ingredients/products/services
      • Video or header image (sponsor can rotate what is shown at any time)
      • Banner ad with hyperlink to landing page of sponsor’s choice
      • Documents (PDF brochures, word documents, case studies, etc.)
    • Your company page also includes:
      • Bookmark button for members to bookmark your page
      • Contact area for members to send personalized messages to company team members
      • Links where members can register for your session and find past sessions
  • Sponsor will deliver a 20-minute webinar during the Sponsored Intensive event
    • The 20-minute webinar will consist of 10 minutes for a presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A
    • The live Q&A session details page will include your company logo, session date, time and description, link to company page and the ability for members to register 
    • A SupplySide host will introduce your speaker as well as facilitate the live Q&A
    • Sponsors are encouraged to have its team readily available to engage with members and filter messages during the 20-minute session
    • Members can find upcoming, current and past sessions on your company page
  • Sponsor recognition in a two-touch dedicated email campaign leading up to the Sponsored Intensives
  • Sponsor recognition on SupplySide Network 365 brand website promoting the Sponsored Intensives
  • Sponsor recognition in social media post on Twitter and LinkedIn promoting all Sponsored Intensive sponsors
  • The Sponsored Intensives will be promoted in specific push notification(s) within the SupplySide Network 365 mobile app
  • Sponsor will receive the list of registered members for the event
    • All pre-registered leads that have given consent for 3rd party share per Informa data privacy policies will be sent within 24 hours of live webinar
  • The Sponsored Intensives will be available on-demand for 60 days within SupplySide Network 365
    • All leads that have given consent for 3rd party share per Informa data privacy policies over the 60-day program will be provided along with program marketing report at the end of the program


Sports Nutrition

Commitment deadline:
January 1

Live Presentation:
January 13


Contract Labs

Commitment deadline:
January 20

Live Presentation:
February 10


Responsible Packaging

Commitment deadline:
February 17

Live Presentation:
March 10


Snack Innovation & Technology

Commitment deadline:
March 24

Live Presentation:
April 14


Healthy Aging

Commitment deadline:
April 21

Live Presentation:
May 12


Sweeteners & Flavors

Commitment deadline:
May 19

Live Presentation:
June 9


Children’s Health

Commitment deadline:
June 23

Live Presentation:
July 14


Men’s & Women’s Health

Commitment deadline:
July 21

Live Presentation:
August 11



Commitment deadline:
August 25

Live Presentation:
September 15


Immune Health

Commitment deadline:
September 22

Live Presentation:
October 13



Commitment deadline:
October 20

Live Presentation:
November 10


Plant-Based Ingredients & Technologies

Commitment deadline:
November 17

Live Presentation:
December 8

Price: $6,000

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