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SupplySide Sponsored Intensives 2022

SupplySide Sponsored Intensives 2022

Tell your story, discuss innovation and share intelligence on a specific industry trend with the SupplySide Sponsored Intensives. Designed specifically to serve the finished product brand professionals in innovation, marketing and procurement roles, the thematic nature of each intensive offers a chance for those people who are working in specific categories to get an intensive networking experience as well as an abundance of related content. 

The Sponsored Intensives will be held monthly as a scheduled event within the SupplySide Network 365 agenda around a different industry theme. This series of live webinars will be introduced by a member of the SupplySide Team, setting the stage about the topic and providing relevant trend data. 

This 90-minute live event within SupplySide Network 365 will allow you to share your expertise in this category and participate in a live Q&A at the end of the session. Your team will have the opportunity to engage and network with registered attendees. 

This event is limited to six sponsors per monthly topic and each participating company must have a SupplySide Network 365 company page and a minimum of one individual membership to participate. Details on how to complete your company page to be provided. 


  • The event will be listed within the agenda on SupplySide Network 365 
  • The event session details page will highlight all participating sponsors including company name, logo, and link to your existing company page 
  • A technical rehearsal will be scheduled no later than 5 business days prior to the live event date
  • Final presentation slides must be created and provided (in PowerPoint only – 16:9 widescreen format) no later than 72 hours prior to the live event date. Failure to do so may result in formatting issues, which Informa will not be held responsible for


  • Sponsor will deliver a 10-minute live presentation and will participate in a 20-minute live group Q&A at the end of the session with all participating sponsors 
    • Your presentation will allow for a single speaker 
    • A SupplySide host will introduce your speaker as well as facilitate the live Q&A
  • Sponsor is encouraged to have their team readily available and active on the platform to engage with attendees and filter messages during the live event


  • Sponsor will receive the list of those who registered and attended the event within 24 hours of the live event* 
  • The event will be available on demand within SupplySide Network 365
  • Sponsor will receive the list of those who viewed the event on-demand over a 60-day program* 
    • Leads will be provided on a weekly basis for the first 30 days 
    • Leads generated after the first 30 days through the end of the 60-day program will be provided in total along with the marketing report

*All leads include those that have given consent for 3rd party share per Informa data privacy policies 

*Sponsorship program must be paid in full before lead delivery begins 

Marketing Inclusions: 

  • Sponsor recognition in a two-touch dedicated email campaign leading up to the event
  • Sponsor recognition within the agenda on the SupplySide Network 365 website promoting the event
  • Sponsor recognition in social media post on Twitter and LinkedIn promoting the event
  • Sponsor recognition in a display ad promoting the event 
  • One push notification promoting the event on-demand
  • A program marketing report will be provided at the end of the 60-day program  

Sponsor Ad or Promo Video (Price: $1,000) 

  • Sponsor’s advertisement or up to a 60-second video to be promoted during the event 
  • Sponsor Ad or Video (mp4 format only) must be considered final and not require further editing by SupplySide Team 
  • Sponsor to provide Sponsor Ad or Video one week prior to tech rehearsal 
  • Sponsor Ad or Video must be approved by SupplySide Standards and Compliance Team 
  • Sponsor Ad or Video will also be included in the on-demand video of the event 
Video file of recorded presentation (Price: $1,000)  
  • Sponsor will receive an .mp4 video file of your recorded session following the 60-day lead-delivery program   
  •  Video file will include SupplySide Network 365 branding   
  •  If your presentation is part of a larger virtual event, the video recording can be customized to include only your presentation, or the sponsor may choose to receive a recording of the event in its entirety 



Despite a quelling of consumer spending through the pandemic, hemp-derived ingredients have remained steady on the list of products consumers are turning too for varied benefits, including support for stress, sleep, muscular function, sports performance, and a host of other researched benefits. Companies looking to innovate in the space must stay ahead of the curve and understand which cannabinoids, extracted through which processes, and derived through which supply chains will meet specified consumer needs. Participate in this intensive and explore the rapidly evolving science behind, and market for, CBD and other lesser-known hemp derived cannabinoids.

Commitment deadline:
December 14, 2021
Live Presentation:
January 12


Meat Alternatives

Meaty texture, flavor and appearance are often scrutinized together as desired characteristics for meat alternative products, but some consumers prefer a plant-forward approach. Taking your product development that direction depends on clearly targeting your customer. But, whether it’s for health, allergy/intolerance or environmental reasons, forecasting shows that consumer demand for meat alternatives and plant-based options is not slowing down. Sustainability concerns loom large, and the consumer for these products is committed.

This Intensive will explore some of the leading formulation solutions for addressing this dynamic market.

Commitment deadline:
January 11
Live Presentation:

February 9


Inflammation & Joint Health

Consumers of all types are looking to joint health products to ensure flexibility and quality of life, from younger athletes to aging Baby Boomers. Formulators have a wide range of substantiated ingredients from which to choose to develop innovative joint health supplements. No longer is joint discomfort the sole challenge. Today’s innovative ingredient solutions include science-supported solutions for inflammation and mobility support before dysfunction or discomfort manifest. Inflammation is the body’s normal response to various stressor, yet an over-active response to either acute or chronic conditions and be the cause of discomfort, and at worst, longer term chronic pain. Joint health for life is now the new normal, and this month’s SSN365 Intensive aims to explore some of the latest clinically supported ingredients that address the underlying functions to support joint health.

Commitment deadline: 
February 15
Live Presentation: 
March 16



With still-growing consumer and practitioner awareness of the link between gut/microbiome health and the wellness of everything from digestion and skin to brain and immunity, the demand for pre-, pro- and post-biotics is big. Probiotic sales lead the category however, according to Nutrition Business Journal, 2021 led to 13% growth in prebiotic and more than 10% growth in synbotics (pre- and probiotic formulas). This Intensive program highlights the newest thinking and ingredient offerings to customize supplement offerings that influence the growth, replenishment and aiding of the beneficial bacteria that make up the complex gut microbiome, with a specific focus on synbiotics.

Commitment deadline: 
March 22
Live Presentation: 
April 20


Plant-Based Dairy

Plant-based eating has continued to gain popularity, with 39% of Americans trying to eat more plant-based foods. This growing demand for plant-based is fueling innovation in the dairy space–milks, yogurts, cheeses, desserts–creating more targeted, functional, delicious and cleaner products. Be part of this SupplySide Network 365 intensive to educate brands about plant-based dairy food tech that will appeal to consumers’ desire for the sustainable, healthy options. Brands looking to innovate in this growing segment are hungry for taste and texture solutions that appeal to a broad array of consumer sensory preferences. Showcase your technologies, ingredients and expertise in the flourishing plant-based dairy product innovation revolution.

Commitment deadline: 
April 12
Live Presentation: 
May 11


Immune Health

According to Nutrition Business Journal, cold, flu and immunity supplement sales for 2021 were US$56.8 billion, and although the whopping gains we saw in the category through the early pandemic have slowed, the category will retain steady growth. In addition to normal seasonal concerns, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to maintain consumer focus on ways they can proactively stay well. Holistic strategies for supporting optimal immune system function are leading the way for product producers wanting to support this need with new formulations. Microbiome support, healthy inflammation response, omega-3s, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, other natural botanical and herbal ingredients are all coming into play. Showcase your solutions for supporting a healthy immune system in this SupplySide Network 365 Intensive.

Commitment deadline: 
May 10
Live Presentation: 
June 8



According to Allied Market Research, the global dietary fibers market size was valued at US$7.9 million in 2020, and is projected to reach $21,672.9 million by 2030, registering a CAGR of 11.1%.Fiber ingredients offer versatility in texture, viscosity and mouthfeel, all important functional benefits, but many also offer added health benefits to aid in creating stand-out products. Dietary fibers naturally present in food may also be supplemented in products for their health benefits, and can provide a health halo for formulations, particularly because most are derived mainly from plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Fibers provide the dual benefit of formulating performance advantages and health benefits – depending on the type of fiber, helping the body transport waste, support the microbiome and can reduce risk of certain diseases diseases by decreasing blood sugar and cholesterol, and keep weight in control. A key component of product production, understanding some of the options available for R&D is critical for maintain a competitive edge. Attend this Intensive to learn about some of the latest innovations in dietary fiber.

Commitment deadline: 
June 7
Live Presentation: 
July 6


Weight Management

Weight loss is about optimizing and fine-tuning metabolism as well as understanding the mechanisms behind hunger and appetite. The need for a balanced approach to weight maintenance is as equally important as reaching a goal. Supplements can support weight management via multiple mechanisms. At the core of today’s best weight management supplements are a broad spectrum of innovative, high-quality, extensively researched ingredients. This Intensive will explore some of the latest supplement ingredient approaches to weight loss, healthy metabolism and weight maintenance.

Commitment deadline: 
July 12
Live Presentation: 
August 10



Sweets are never out of season. It seems occasions for indulgence are around every bend and with the pandemic curtailing larger indulgences for many, premium confections offered small comforts. Fortune Business Insights noted that the global confectionery market is projected to grow from US$194.37 billion in 2021 to $242.53 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 3.8% in forecast period, with the sudden rise in CAGR attributed to demand and growth returning to pre-pandemic levels. This said, consumers desire healthy alternatives that include sugar reductions, natural flavors and colors, and transparent supply chains, particularly in the chocolate market. We want to hear about your ingredient and supply chain innovations in the dynamic confectionary market. Use this SupplySide Network 365 Intensive as an opportunity to showcase your offering to the brands looking for a competitive edge.

Commitment deadline: 
August 16
Live Presentation: 
September 14


Sports Recovery

Sports nutrition consumers seek super-charged functional foods and supplements that supply clean fuel, provide a training edge and aid in recovery–for all activities and through all generations. Consumers, athletes and otherwise, now understand that what they put in their body greatly
affects their health, so when it comes to energy and recovery, they want solutions that are healthy,
clean and can support performance for the long hall. Present your solutions on this Intensive and reach leading brands looking for the marketing edge.

Commitment deadline: 
September 13
Live Presentation: 
October 12


Healthy Aging

For healthy aging, it’s no surprise that women have specific health needs requiring targeted solutions. Certainly, woman’s hormone health always seems to be top of mind when considering gender-based health concerns, but what about digestion, bone health, active lifestyles? Women’s needs are whole-body and whole-mind, and they seek formulas that provide balanced nutrition and that target their unique needs. This Intensive provides the opportunity to present solutions that focus on condition-specific requirements for women through all life stages.

Commitment deadline: 
October 11
Live Presentation: 
November 9


Children’s Health

The needs of children’s bodies and minds change rapidly through early life stages, to middle childhood, and adolescence. Parents want to raise healthy kids with good eating habits, they understand the benefits of a balanced diet from the beginning. While the latest Dietary Guidelines for American’s includes guidance for baby and toddler nutrition, including recommendations like introducing peanuts and eggs in the first year of life, and avoiding added sugar during the first two years, moving through children’s life stages into middle school age and even into high school presents particular challenges in a hurried and over-busy world. Supporting these needs can be met with innovative products that embrace scientific evidence. Join us for this Intensive as we overview some of the top product category trends and overview the science for specific health needs for children’s health.

Commitment deadline: 
November 8
Live Presentation: 
December 7

Price: $3,500

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