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SupplySide Lunch & Learns

SupplySide Lunch & Learns

With a SupplySide Network 365 Lunch & Learn you will be able to engage and educate members that are interested in learning more about your products and services. This is a way for you to showcase scientific insights around a featured ingredient or product of your focus. During this 60-minute webinar you will be given the opportunity to provide a meal delivery service gift card to create a true Lunch & Learn experience. 


  • Sponsor will work with our SupplySide Team to curate:
    • Topic/Vision
    • Content
    • Speakers
    • Presentation
  • Company Logo and Event details to be included within the agenda on the SupplySide Network 365 brand website and within the SupplySide 365 platform/app
  • SupplySide Team will facilitate a Technical Rehearsal to ensure all participants are prepared for the live event
  • Sponsor Recognition in dedicated email promoting your webinar
  • Lunch & Learn promoted within other related SupplySide Network 365 event emails
  • Sponsor Recognition in social media post on Twitter and LinkedIn promoting your Webinar
  • Your Webinar will be promoted in a specific push notification within the SupplySide Network 365 mobile app


  • Meal Delivery service gift cards provided via email for up to 200 members to register for your Event, Valued at $20 each*
  • SupplySide Team to facilitate video webinar and Q&A discussion
  • This 60-minute presentation will consist of a 35-45-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A
  • Your Event details page will include your company name, logo, link to register for your Webinar, and a link to your existing company page
  • At the end of your webinar members will be encouraged to visit your existing company page
    •  Sponsor is encouraged to have its team readily available to engage and connect with members

Post- Event:

  • All pre-registered leads that have given consent for 3rd party share per Informa data privacy policies will be sent within 24 hours of live webinar
  • All leads that have given consent for 3rd party share per Informa data privacy policies over the 60-day program will be provided along with program marketing report at the end of the program

*Gift Cards are only available to residents of the US


ADD-ON: Video file of recorded presentation ($1,000) 

  • Sponsor will receive an .mp4 video file of your recorded session following the 60-day lead-delivery program  
    • Video file will include SupplySide Network 365 branding  
  • If your presentation is part of a larger virtual event, the video recording can be customized to include only your presentation, or the sponsor may choose to receive a recording of the event in its entirety 

Lunch & Learns to occur on the following days and are exclusive to one per date: at 2pm EST
  • January 20 – SOLD
  • February 9
  • March 9 – SOLD
  • April 13 – SOLD
  • May 11 – SOLD
  • June 8
  • July 27
  • August 10
  • September 14
  • October 12
  • November 23
  • December 14

Price: $15,000

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