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SupplySide Lunch & Learns

SupplySide Lunch & Learns

With a SupplySide Network 365 Lunch & Learn you will be able to engage and educate members that are interested in learning more about your products and services. This is a way for you to showcase scientific insights around a featured ingredient or product of your focus. During this 60-minute webinar you will be given the opportunity to provide a meal delivery service gift card to create a true Lunch & Learn experience. 


  • Sponsor will work with our SupplySide team to curate:           
    • Topic/vision, content, speaker(s), and presentation
  • A SupplySide host will pre-record a 20-30 second event trailer with sponsor’s speaker prior to the event
    • This trailer will be used to promote the Lunch & Learn and will be added to Event Page leading up to event
  • Gift card receipt limited to the first 100 registrants that have registered at least 48 hours prior to the live event
    • Lunch gift cards will be delivered digitally to the email address associated with the registrant’s SupplySide Network 365 profile
  • The event will be listed within the agenda on SupplySide Network 365  
  • The event session details page will include your company name, logo, and link to your existing company page
    • Sponsor to provide social media handles and supporting documents to include on event page
  • A technical rehearsal will be scheduled no later than 5 business days prior to the live event date
  • Final presentation slides must be created and provided (in PowerPoint only – 16:9 widescreen format) no later than 72 hours prior to the live event date. Failure to do so may result in formatting issues, which Informa will not be held responsible for


  • This 60-minute event will consist of a 35–45-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A 
    • SupplySide team to facilitate live webinar and Q&A discussion
    • SupplySide host & speaker to develop seed questions to encourage audience interaction
  • Sponsor is encouraged to have their team readily available and active on the platform to engage with attendees and filter messages during the live event
  • At the end of your webinar members will be encouraged to visit your existing company page


  • Sponsor will receive the list of those who registered and attended the event within 24 hours of the live event* 
  • The event will be available on demand within SupplySide Network 365 
  • Sponsor will receive the list of those who viewed the event on-demand over a 60-day program* 
    • Leads will be provided on a weekly basis for the first 30 days 
    • Leads generated after the first 30 days through the end of the 60-day program will be provided in total along with the marketing report

*All leads include those that have given consent for 3rd party share per Informa data privacy policies  

*Sponsorship program must be paid in full before lead delivery begins 

Marketing Inclusions:  

  • Sponsor recognition in a two-touch dedicated email campaign leading up to the event 
  • Sponsor recognition within the agenda on the SupplySide Network 365 website promoting the event 
  • Sponsor recognition in social media post on Twitter and LinkedIn promoting the event 
  • Sponsor recognition in a display ad promoting the event  
  • One push notification promoting the event on-demand 
  • A program marketing report will be provided at the end of the 60-day program  

Sponsor Ad or Promo Video (Price: $1,000) 

  • Sponsor’s advertisement or up to a 60-second video to be promoted during the event 
  • Sponsor Ad or Video (mp4 format only) must be considered final and not require further editing by SupplySide Team 
  • Sponsor to provide Sponsor Ad or Video one week prior to tech rehearsal 
  • Sponsor Ad or Video must be approved by SupplySide Standards and Compliance Team 
  • Sponsor Ad or Video will also be included in the on-demand video of the event 
Video file of recorded presentation (Price: $1,000)  
  • Sponsor will receive an .mp4 video file of your recorded session following the 60-day lead-delivery program   
  •  Video file will include SupplySide Network 365 branding   
  •  If your presentation is part of a larger virtual event, the video recording can be customized to include only your presentation, or the sponsor may choose to receive a recording of the event in its entirety 

Contact your account manager for available dates.

Price: $15,000

Download the mobile version for an on-the-go experience!

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