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SupplySide Education Series

SupplySide Education Series

The SupplySide Education Series will feature a monthly webinar, each focused on a key topic (see calendar below).  Align your brand with innovation, best practices, and need-to-know information by underwriting topics within this series.  

Each session within the SupplySide Education Series is limited to six underwriters. Maximize your underwriting experience with a SupplySide Network 365 company page. Don’t have one yet? Complete this form to get started!

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Content Topics Available for Underwriting:


Packaging that Pleases People, the Planet and Profits

Despite living through a pandemic and a bad economy, many consumers prefer brands that prioritize sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices. Packaging is a front-and-center, can-hold-in-your-hand reminder of how a brand’s operation affects the world. It’s clear from consumer surveys that sustainable packaging is in and single-use plastic is out. This session will help brands choose the best packaging option for their food and beverage products.

Commitment deadline:
January 1

Live Presentation:
January 21


Protein and Beyond: Plant-Based Sports Nutrition Expands

Plant protein is no longer the new kid on the block and is showing some strong sophomoric growth. This session will review a range of plant ingredient offerings, from protein to botanicals, honing in on science and formulation characteristics as well as delivery options for the next generation of plant-based sports nutrition products.

Commitment deadline:
January 28

Live Presentation:
February 18


Achieving Sweetness Naturally

Consumers crave the sweet taste of sugar, but are less inclined to suffer the consequences of consuming an ingredient that, in excess, can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Food and beverage brands are innovating with natural sugar alternatives, using formulation techniques to combat off-notes and provide bulk where needed. In this webinar, you’ll hear specific examples of how food and beverage brands are successfully offering tasty options that appeal to consumer’s sweet desires.

Commitment deadline:
February 25

Live Presentation:
March 18


Ensuring Supply Chain Transparency and Stability

Consumers are interested in the origin of their food at the same time that COVID-19 has disrupted the global supply chain. Brand securing supply chain stability and transparency has never been more important. This session will help brands ensure they understand the steps to take to ensure their supply chains are as stable as possible during uncertain times.

Commitment deadline:
April 1

Live Presentation:
April 22


Functional Beverages

Rising consumer awareness of the long-term benefits of health and wellness is driving innovation and market opportunity in the functional beverage category, which is expected to reach US$208.13 billion by 2024, according to Research and Markets. This education offering will cover the functional beverage market; opportunities in booming condition specific categories, such as brain health and immunity; and formulating with and souring natural functional ingredients, such as botanicals, adaptogens, proteins and natural colors.

Commitment deadline:
April 29

Live Presentation:
May 20


Game On! Nootropics and Cognitive Performance

From active consumers to gamers, students and business professionals, optimizing cognitive performance is a popular pursuit that provides an expanding target for brands and formulators. This session will look at environmental and lifestyle impacts on cognitive performance as well as nootropics and related cognitive ingredients, detailing mechanisms of action and potential benefits.

Commitment deadline:
May 28

Live Presentation:
June 17


Sustainability to Shape a Better Business

Food brands that continue to focus on how their operation and products affect the wider community will win and retain loyal customers, even while global economies are shrinking, and many consumers may be concerned about their household budgets. We’ll discuss how food brands can ensure “sustainability” is viewed holistically throughout company operations as well as available technology to improve carbon footprints.

Commitment deadline:
July 1

Live Presentation:
July 22



Never a dull moment! Channels shifts from retail back to online, regulatory shifts at USDA, FDA continues its wan enforcement against all things CBD, and business shifts as investor uncertainty demands more from brands. This session will cover how to navigate the waters that will continue to be risky and turbulent going forward.

Commitment deadline:
July 29

Live Presentation:
August 19


Winning in Children’s Product Development

Formulating for children’s palates can be difficult on its own. Factor in parents’ demands for natural options that are free from unhealthy ingredients, and also add nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein and fat that help kids grow to their fullest potential, and food and beverage brands have plenty of challenges and opportunity in this sector. This webinar will offer formulation tips and discussions on how to best achieve success among younger consumers.

Commitment deadline:
August 26

Live Presentation:
September 16


Changing the Game: Sports Nutrition Evolution

As the sports nutrition market continues to shift, every stakeholder needs to evolve. With low barriers of entry in distribution, manufacturing and marketing, legacy sports nutrition brands can no longer sit above the emerging brands in the market and feel safe. This session will look at distribution and manufacturing trends as well as the products, ingredients and demographics offering whitespace opportunities.

Commitment deadline:
September 30

Live Presentation:
October 21


Unlocking the Power of the Snack

Today’s snacks must offer healthier options than their sodium and sugar-laden predecessors, but can’t sacrifice any of the convenience consumers have come to enjoy for decades. This webinar will help brands identify the snack consumer; explain the category whitespace and innovative product launches that address personalized nutrition, sports nutrition and children’s nutrition; and explore ingredient trends, including healthier ingredients and formulation considerations.

Commitment deadline:
October 28

Live Presentation:
Novomber 18



Changes to our microbiome have a direct impact on gut health and digestion, immunity, inflammation satiety, and many other concerns including blood sugar management, stress, mood and even cardiovascular disease. This session will cover the evidence linking prebiotics’ direct impacts to growth, and the challenge – and opportunity – for industry in translating this science into great products and marketing opportunities.

Commitment deadline:
November 24

Live Presentation:
December 16

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