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SupplySide Education Series 2022

SupplySide Education Series 2022

The SupplySide Education Series will feature a monthly webinar, each focused on a key topic (see calendar below).  Align your brand with innovation, best practices, and need-to-know information by underwriting topics within this series.  

Each session within the SupplySide Education Series is limited to six underwriters. Maximize your underwriting experience with a SupplySide Network 365 company page. Don’t have one yet? Complete this form to get started!

  • Verbal recognition of underwriters at beginning and end of session
  • Underwriter recognition on Webinar registration landing page
  • Underwriter logo to appear in Webinar visual environment
  • Underwriter recognition in all marketing promotions to relevant audience members, including email, promotional ads placed on health and nutrition websites and social media promotion via Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Facebook
  • Underwriter logo included on intro and exit slides of presentation slide deck available to participants
  • Underwriter may provide literature in PDF format (one file, any desired length) to be available for download during the live presentation and on-demand afterward
  • All pre-registered leads that have given consent for 3rd party share per Informa data privacy policies will be sent within 72 hours of live webinar
  • All leads that have given consent for 3rd party share per Informa data privacy policies over the 60-day program will be provided along with program marketing report at the end of the program

Sponsor Ad or Promo Video (Price: $1,000) 

  • Sponsor’s advertisement or up to a 60-second video to be promoted during the event 
  • Sponsor Ad or Video (mp4 format only) must be considered final and not require further editing by SupplySide Team 
  • Sponsor to provide Sponsor Ad or Video one week prior to tech rehearsal 
  • Sponsor Ad or Video must be approved by SupplySide Standards and Compliance Team 
  • Sponsor Ad or Video will also be included in the on-demand video of the event 

Content Topics Available for Underwriting:


A New Kind of Brew: Innovations in Coffee and Tea

*Powered by Food & Beverage Insider

Coffee and tea have been consumed for millennia, but evolving consumer demands have led to innovation in these two original functional beverages. From protein and mineral fortification to creative new formats and deliveries, coffee and
tea are now expected to deliver more benefits than ever. This webinar will explore changing consumer preferences and the ingredient and formulation innovation being utilized to deliver.

Commitment deadline:
December 30, 2021
Materials Due:
December 31, 2021


Sleep & Stress

*Powered by Natural Products Insider

This shot to the forefront during the COVID-19
pandemic but had been growing concern even prior.
This session will look at market and consumer
insights, ingredients and product/formulation trends
brands should consider in addressing these mental
wellness concerns. This may include a look at
generational demands and needs, based on pandemicrelated
info from Nutrition Business Journal showing a
jump in concern by younger consumers and a lack of
concern among older consumers.

Commitment Deadline:
January 27
Materials Due:
January 28


Raising the Bar(s): Innovation in the Cereal and Bar Market

*Powered by Food & Beverage Insider

Cereals and bars may be an old mainstay in the natural food world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Today’s products are recreating what the category can do; think pre- and probiotic bars, grain-free cereals and the proliferation of savory products into the market. This webinar will highlight the latest ingredients, formats and formulation strategies redefining the category.

Commitment deadline:
February 24
Materials Due:
February 25



*Powered by Natural Products Insider

Energy is a universal need and concern in modern society, and this session will look at energy generally and relative to key demographics. This will include discussion of ingredients, research, market and consumer data, and product trends. If supply chain challenges still remain for certain popular energy ingredients, an update will be included.

Commitment Deadline:
March 31
Materials Due:
April 1


Sustainability in Action: Creating a Greener Food System

*Powered by Food & Beverage Insider

The global climate crisis has reached a crossroads, and consumers are increasingly voicing concerns about the future of the planet. As a result, they are turning to brands that share that concern and are responding in kind. This webinar will explore
sustainability efforts across the food and beverage industry, including regenerative agriculture, transparent and traceable supply chains and innovations in packaging and manufacturing.

Commitment deadline:
April 28
Materials Due:
April 29



*Powered by Natural Products Insider

While there are ongoing questions about and
research efforts into how CBD benefits various aspects of human health, the bigger developments are on the increasingly crowded market and the
looming financial and regulatory challenges. This
session will address all these issues.

Commitment Deadline:
May 26
Materials Due:
May 27


Natural Sweeteners: Achieving
Clean Label Sweetness

*Powered by Food & Beverage Insider

For consumers keeping a keener eye on their personal health, sugar is often among the first ingredients avoided or reduced. However, the role sugar plays as both a sweetener and bulking agent must still be filled. This webinar will cover current trends in sugar reduction and avoidance, trending natural sweeteners filling the gap and formulation tips and best practices to achieve the taste and texture consumers desire without the sugar.

Commitment deadline: 
June 30
Materials Due: 
July 1



*Powered by Natural Products Insider

Boosting brain performance has become a popular
health “hack.” The focus of this session will be
on ingredients and product trends brands can
target to help guide new product development and
formulation targeting gamers, workers, athletes and
other groups of consumers looking for sharper tools
in their cognitive shed.

Commitment Deadline:
July 28
Materials Due: 
July 29


Chew on This: The Future of Cultured Meats

*Powered by Food & Beverage Insider

As an increasing number of consumers choose to avoid or reduce their consumption of animal products—whether for health or ethical reasons—
plant-based food and beverage took off. Now, the next phase of sustainable meat is beginning to find its footing—cultured meat products. This webinar will look at the latest technologies behind cultured meat products and what the future holds for this burgeoning market.

Commitment deadline: 
August 25
Materials Due:
August 26 


Women’s and Men’s Health

*Powered by Natural Products Insider

This session will tackle men’s and women’s health
in an entertaining way, using a game format to
highlight ingredients and supporting research
that brands should consider when developing and
formulating health products for each gender. There
will also be plenty of market and consumer insights
to highlight potential opportunity areas.

Commitment Deadline:
September 29
Materials Due: 
September 30


Looking Ahead: The Future of Food & Beverage

*Powered by Food & Beverage Insider

As we close the book on 2022, it is only natural we look forward to 2023 and beyond. What trends are taking shape for the next year, and how is the food and beverage industry responding? This webinar
will look ahead at the ingredients, products, technologies and innovations expected to take off in the near future.

Commitment deadline: 
October 27
Materials Due: 
October 28


Supplement Forecast 2023

*Powered by Natural Products Insider

Closing out what we hope will be a post-pandemic year, this session will look ahead at the trends that could shape the 2023 dietary supplement market, including ingredient, product, consumer, regulatory, supply chain and financial insights.

Commitment Deadline: 
November 24
Materials Due: 
November 25

Price: $3,500

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